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May 18, 2009

Day 1: Chiang Mai, on your back please

Nothing like a bit of shaking up the old system when out backpacking.

So we landed at Chiang Mai, Thailand yesterday. The swine flu feeling was even stronger here as all airport officials at immigration and customs wore white masks. I was wearing a short green dress with black tights and a sweater... Melbourne has been cold and inside the plane and airport as well it was quite cool. Stepping outside the airport though was instant toast... with some honey on it perhaps.

Chiang Mai is hot, humid and SO like my hometown Jabalpur that it knocked my socks off. ALL plants that I saw are the ones we get in Jabalpur. Even madhu-maltis! After water restrictions and drought in Melbourne, it was nice to see so much green around. From the airport we got on to a tuk-tuk -- what we call Phat Phat in Delhi and Vikki in Jabalpur -- and reached our 'hotel'...the Little Home Guest House.

A shower later we stepped on to Chiang Mai's street market. While we are saving the shopping for the later bit of our journey, we both needed some light cottong pants and thongs (chappals aka slippers). That and some street-food eating done, we headed for a massage session. Rather I head for one. Partner was supposed to come with me as well. However, the massage girls got really excited seeing Partner and it was promptly decided that the prettier one was going to 'service' him. However the poor girls were disappointed as Partner developed cold feet and ran off to a bar while I had my body pounded.

While the massage was very good, the masseuse and me got talking.

Oops. We've got to catch a bus and need to leave at 7.30am. It's 7.21 am. Partner just sternly gave me a "get-your-bum" moving... So more later. And it's good. My first day in Thailand and a big shock. No matter how much you know, some things you are just not prepared for...


Silvara said...

Sounds wonderful....been wanting to go to Thailand for ages....Summer holiday for us :)

Have fun!

June said...

I have left a little present for you on my blog.Please go and claim it!

Sree said...

You landed and ran for a massage?hahaha.How nice.Shop for some Buddha statues too.What street food?You should never mention food without getting into details...u knw.Hmm.Hope u didnt miss the bus.

Eveline said...

That's a trip i so wanna take. Hope you're enjoying it. Oh, stuff your face with food on my behalf!! :P

tapish said...

enjoy ur trip nd right sumthing soon.waiting to read more. tk cr.

Eve* aka JB said...

hello you all
bloody sweet to leave comments ya... could write mre in comments but better to make it a post no?
did i ever tell y'all i really like the "connection" w8ith you? there's a bloody nasty big fat red ant climbing up my leg... argh

The FrogBlogger said...

Ha sounds as if you ended up in one of the less reputable massage places! Next time if you need any pointers, I can recommend some fantastic, wholly 'traditional' massage shops, not far from the Night Bazaar, where your partner would have been perfectly 'safe' ;-) The Hot Stone Massage in Soi 3 off Loi Kroh is one of the very best.

Sounds like a good start, let's hear some more from my favourite place in the world, Chiang Mai :-)