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March 30, 2009

Get sexy

Wow, Naomi Campbell can still look soft and feminine.

Naomi recently wore a sari when she walked the ramp for Mumbai's blast victims (26 Nov 2008) for Mai Mumbai (I am Mumbai), a fashion-for-relief show at the 2009 Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai. The fund raiser was organised by hotelier Vikram Chatwal with the proceeds going to improving Mumbai's medical facilities.

This was Naomi's first stint on the Indian catwalk. Despite having seen her in umpteen Victoria's Secret ads and brochures, I think she's looked one of her sexiest best in a sari.

The next time I go for any mega-event -- wedding, anniversary, launch party etc -- I am wearing a sari. Yes, I am aware I don't have legs as long as Naomi's, but I do have a midrif. And love handles! Forget the decolletage and forget leggy legs, nothing beats a bit of midrif peeking through chiffons or georgettes.

Growing up in India - and in an army background - I've seen many 'regular' women turn into uber sexy beings when they've walked into a party sheathed in nine metres of figure-hugging saris. I've seen my mom transform from just-mom to this you-can-look-you-cannot-touch lady. My mom's always been shy; but when she dressed up in a sari, she looked like a queen. So beautiful, so untouchable; but mostly, so confident.

In grade 6, all students - girls and boys - would stop in their tracks when Mrs Mamta Sharma walked through the school corridors. She was 27, slim, tall, had beautiful long hair she tied in a plait and wore nearly-backless blouses. We would all stand and stare in awe as she would glide towards us... She had the smoothest arms, the most curvaceous waist I've seen and a back that enticed you to run your hand over it.

Then there my friend's mom, Veena aunty. I remember her wearing these gorgeous cotton saris. High neck, Chinese-collared blouses with sleeves that reached the elbows, a chignon and the gentlest of smiles. She did not show an inch of skin and yet when she walked she was so graceful, you wanted to fall on your knees and kiss her hand.

I also remember a former boyfriend discussing his first crush. "She was 26 and we were 14. She used to wear bright saris and when she wrote on the blackboard...we always waited to get a peek of her blouse from under her arm," he had said blissfully. I understood what he meant. The sari does not throw the cleavage in your face; it gracefully sheaths it and sinfully sculpts the breasts. Not in a way that says women are ashamed of their breasts, but in a way that promises wonders when revealed... However, the way he had said it was quite creepy and I'd (thankfully) subsequently dumped him.

Dimple Kapadia gave a new meaning to "rolling in the sand" when she gave Rishi Kapoor a red face in her red sari in Sagar. Sridevi's bust-thrusts and orgasmic moans are well-documented as she wreathed in the rain in an electric blue sari in Mr India. My favourite Smita Patil completely defined "wet scenes" when she danced in the rain with Amitabh Bachchan, clad in a slinky white sari in Namakhalal. Karisma Kapoor -- I don't really like her though -- reinvented her career wearing chiffons in Raja Hindustaani (sic movie though). Sridevi had also done in her shimmering chiffons in Chandni. Urmila Matondkar also went back to the sari to get a reboot in Judaayi.

So that's it. Instead of worrying about what-to-wear at any event now; I am going to pull out one of my sexy chiffons, wear one of my halters, strap on a pair of high heels, tightly drape the sari around and let my midrif rule the day.

PS: Might have to insist on Partner driving or hiring a taxi; still cannot walk properly in a sari. Pic courtesy: ibnlive.com

LIVE update: So inspired by Naomi, I decided to wear a sari at home today. It was a bit of a disaster since initially I looked like a tent. However, after putting up pics of the experiment on Facebook -- and much needed ego-pampering-from-girlfriends later -- now I feel much better. Here's to the sari. :D
However, Partner came back home, took one look at me and LAUGHED. Thankfully, his mom was on the phone while he was laughing at me. She gave him a piece of her mind. Haha. That's called having the last laugh. I did say I love his mom, right?


Sree said...

OK Thats it.Am gonna get a personal trainer!!!
Raja Hindustani...wow,i was doing my degree then.Wht were you doing?Wonder WHY that movie clicked.Maybbe the kiss.

Couple of years back had started wearing sari when i felt beautiful again.Should grab that back.hmm.
How many saris u bought with u?I got none this time.Cant wear neatly without lil help.

Eve* aka JB said...

@ Sree: dont even start talking about personal trainers... checked weight last night; 49.95kgs. Sigh. I brought almost all my saris, that would be at least 15. Includes two really heavy ones that i dont know if i'll get a chance to wear... Raja Hindustaani, i was in grade 11... :) It was the kiss, though one of the most insipid kisses in cinematic history. And i just could NOT see the movie because of Karisma going, "raja ji". Yuck

Rohit Khurana said...

Women look absolutely amazing in Saree!
Head turners ;)

Mystique said...

Saris are more...............seductive than downright sexy.
and that's good.

Eve* aka JB said...

@ Rohit: Amen.

Eve* aka JB said...

@ Mystique: long time girl. Would depend on what you mean by 'sexy' no? But would agree that a sari's sexiness is subtle.

Kartikey said...

you look good in the sari. walking will come through practice. so wear it again.

Eve* aka JB said...

@ Kartikey: Thank-you. Will.

Espèra said...

I didn't want to wear saris as a kid. But now, I CAN'T WAIT FOR MY FAREWELL!!!!! I intend to get thinner by then. Show a midriff, not rolls of fat.
What colours look nice, do you think? Don't suggest black or pink.

TW said...

RED! Always red.. or more subtle elegance white or peach:))

I love saris... they are quite painful for maintenance esp if you don't wear them.. but awesome fun to dole up in.. it's amazing how differently the same frnds and junta look at you in sariviz the usual tom-boyish jeans and tee..haha..

MLC said...

nic pix of yrs! ... this post however sounds exactly like my partner's thots!!! esp. the dimple in 'saagar' scene which is one of his favourites too:-)

DewdropDream said...

That is exactly how I feel about sarees!!! I rather thought Karisma Kapoor looked lovely in Zubeidaa. And Sushmita Sen, in that horrible Main Hoon Na... she totally carried the look!

I've brought back two very lovely sarees from my last trip home and am eagerly waiting for summer so I can wear them to work. Nothing beats a saree... nothing!

P.S: You look very pretty, as always! :) Where is the saree from?

Eve* aka JB said...

@ Espera: I am sure you will look good in one; as someone pointed out yesterday, Indian girls always look good in saris. What's your skin tone like? Dark or fair? Personally I love mustard yellow, dark green and red...try those? Also, saris look good on almost any body type... chiffon works for those endowed and cotton for the slimmer ones. I prefer chiffon, easier to manage.

@ TW: White and peach sounds beautiful. Some day i am going to buy one of those beautiful gold-bordered, south Indian saris... I love them, very elegant. Yes, girls do look different.

@ MLC: Yeah, Dimple and almost every other Indian actress has looked really good wearing saris on screen. Of course they get to arrange their saris in every single shot and look picture perfect; but it just gives any woman such a sense of royalty. And thankyou.

@ DewDrop: thanks a tonne luv. The sari is called 'tant' and comes from Bengal.More here http://www.india9.com/i9show/Tant-Sarees-50994.htm

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Lovely girl, lovely! You've totally nailed the 'sexy during Durga Pujo' look!

Espèra said...

Red sounds nice. Mustard yellow, um, I don't think so. I like chiffon, I think. I like the sari you're wearing too. What is it? Chiffon?

How does turquoise and gold, or some shade of blue sound? I'm on the dark side. Guess a shde or so darker than you. Can't make out in this picture.

Harshal said...

Completely agree about the saree... Women can be whatever they want in them.......

Eve* aka JB said...

@ Mamma Mia: thankyou! :D

@ Espera: i am not particularly fond of turquoise...though if you can carry it off and like it, why the hell not?

@ Harshall: dont they now. :)

Espèra said...

Like turquoise I do (why don't you??), but I don't know whether I can carry it off. Farewell is still 10 months away.
Just researching on saris. Not seriously considering any right now.

Eve* aka JB said...

@ espera: Turquoise is a beautiful colour, but personally, I cannot carry it off. It overpowers my personality and given that i am small; i dont like colours doing that.