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September 7, 2009

Opium in your food?

The first time I made this dish in Australia, many wondered if, "Poppy seeds! Oh my god, opium...does this make you high?" The answer...? There have been news reports on people getting addicted to poppy seed tea.... Read story Try recipe


Dulce said...

Well... why not: I wouldn't mind having a try...
Btw... Why don't you ever(please)visit my blog(and if you do leave a comment)?
Just wondering... :)
Anyway > I love yours.

ahmad raza said...

send me the recipe!!i wanna have some!!

Vipul Grover said...

Um a punjabi.. recently wn doing a blog tag i mntiond i hate ridged gourd, a fellow bengali blogger suggested i shud try jhinge with poopy seeds.
I was surprisd 2 know tht poppy seeds r used in bengali dish. I was intrigued about how cn they eat it as its addictive(i thought) till my mothr told me the its d same thing found on burgers:)