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September 9, 2009

I'm feeling it

Ever get the feeling something BIG is about to happen...but you have no bloody idea what?

That sense of suspense is running so thick through my blood, it's coagulating now. What? When? Good, bad or brilliant? Bad but manageable? Argh.

Good things that could happen:
1. Land a job in my line of work
2. Land a book deal, with heaps of advance, maybe two because they love me so much
3. Get sponsorship to open a cafe/restaurant/take-away
4. Get a baby... like without doing anything, like gift wrapped (er)
5. Get a puppy as a gift...and someone to walk it
6. Wake up tomorrow and suddenly know how to drive
7. Look 10 years younger, like that, without makeup
8. Get hired by Lonely Planet...along with advance and book deal, it will be called 'If Julia can, Jhoomur Bloody Well Can'
9. Partner proposes, while we are toasting the great new job and the advance on the book deal and we are standing before the Pyramids...tomorrow! And there's a dog at the foot of the Pyramid...with a gift wrapped baby on its back! With proper adoption papers! And the deal with adopting the baby involves having to run this restaurant. !!
10. All of the above

Bad thing that can happen:
None of the above. Sigh.
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Sparkling said...


Hmmm...so that's how 'having it all' reads!

I couldn't help myself, I'll toast an Amen to that :)

soin said...

want it all at the same time.. wont it better to have them over a period of time..free

Eveline said...

Geeeee ! you have fantasies over starting your own cafe too just like me. I may be willing to put aside my competitiveness, to team up against the menacing looking baristas-coffee days. Those foreign jerks - no offense to your man - have curled their lips and called one another "comrade" for the last time. It's time to crack down, Jhoomur. You and me. Let's ride. :D

Sree said...

You cant drive yet?(cheche)But then atleast someone will always have a job when u decide to sit in a car.
Book deal.Yes.Two book deal.Yes.
Because they love u so much.lol.

Looks like the book deal will make everything else come true except perhaps(most certainly)no:7.You are hereby booked to come for a number of book signing at my cafe/dhaba.Everyone in your dream,including the puppy,shall accompany the author.The flight tickets will be arranged by whoever has the most bank balance at the time of dream come true.

May free baby happen to you.Amen.

Eve* aka JB said...

Thanks for the amens everyone...I could start, rather I dont mind it starting with Partner makiing my coffee every morning. :)

What are your wish lists though? No one mentioned that... C'mon, let me know as well, throw your wishes out to the universe.

do bigha zameen said...

Hi JB,

See the date of your post. it is 09/09/09......... Well dahling, your wish list does have something ominiously big about it.