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June 11, 2008

Pain in the butt, literally

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The most sickening scene I have ever seen in a movie -- Saw 2 and Hostel included -- was the scene in Ram Teri Ganga Maili Ho Gayi, Mandakini is breast-feeding her baby and Raza Murad is staring at her breasts. It makes me sick. Sort of that one scene made the entire man-breast-staring equation sickeningly clear. I got thinking about that scene when I was doing some much needed blog-maintenance today, both here and on the import-version on Wordpress. And god, it takes time.

The most irritating thing was to realise that the categories I was deleting on Wordpress kept reappearing and that I really had no sense of HOW to categorise. There was a category that read "First". Like first what, you idiot. However, all wasn't lost as I discovered (figured after everyone else already had that is) some cool tricks on Wordpress. Have you realised that it's REALLY thrilling when you suddenly discover new tricks/ utilities on a device/ tool you have been using for a while? You feel like wow-I-must-be-so-cool, five minutes before realising that everyone but you knew how to do that?
'Realisations' was another category and going through tags and categories I realised some of the things that are foremost on my mind... Parents, family, anger, love, relationships and, er, breasts were my frequent tags. I have written many posts about breasts. Mine and those that belong to others. Man-breasts too. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I wasn't breast fed? (Ma was too skinny)
By the way, have been thinking a bit and a daily update on the Mishra's might get a little tough and somewhat boring, both for you and me. So perhaps will be putting out their stories once/twice a week. Daily episodes will also require me to spy/ walk-in/show-too-much-interest and knowing Mishraji, I don't think I want to irritate him too much.
Also wanted to ask you something, particularly if you've stuck around for long: Do you think this blog is all about sex? Relationships, yes, but only sex?? Please do write in, feedback on this is important.
That apart, the last two days have been more of tying loose ends, on and off the blog. For personal reasons, have quit my job and currently looking at freelance work that I can start in a month's time. So some discussions on that front... Will definitely keep you guys posted; if all goes well, hopefully, will still continue writing for ibnlive.com. I'll miss that place, a very cool boss and some crazy, creative, hard-working people. Funny, this month I completed 9 years in the media; was going through some of the old pieces/articles I've written for the print media -- newspaper and magazine cuttings -- and it felt so strange. It's like just yesterday I was standing in the centre of this bustling market at Mukherjee Nagar for a story on student accommodation. I was three months old in Delhi and lord, how I fucked up that story. Sigh. Or my first "crime" story or the first dead body I saw (militant shot down outside Nizamuddin Dargah) or waking up under my office table because I had no home (hmm, stories there, but some other time)
I went to the dentist yesterday and after he was done scaling my teeth I have even greater, new found love for Partner. How he kissed me all this while... Did you know we can produce cement in our mouth?! My bum is hurting. My tail bone sticks out and when I don't watch my posture and sit on my arse, it hurts. Also means I have been sitting on my arse all day. And all this aching-creaking means am getting old. At 29.
But I STILL enjoy watching kiddie flicks. Two days back I saw 'Herbie: Fully Loaded' on HBO and enjoyed it way more than Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which we saw this evening. Seriously, George Lucas and Steven Speilberg need to be hit on their heads for trying to insert aliens into everything. And what a waste of someone as talented as Cate Blanchett, was watching her last evening in Elizabeth: The Golden Years, and the lady is a chameleon. Class apart, love her. Ugh, also saw Die Hard 4 and I have new-found respect for Arnold Shwarzenegger; he's not the only one who does do-you-think-the-audience-is-stupid stunts with jet airplaces (remember True Lies, anyone?) Sheesh. Wouldn't have gone for Indiana had the power not gone off.
Have you realised that there is NOTHING to do during power cuts? What did people do when there was no electricity? Have you also noticed that whenever there is a power cut, mysteriously your cellphone will be on the last legs of its battery-power and will die out? And your other phone will have outgoing barred? And you will get calls from numbers you don't have stored and don't recognise and of course you cannot call back? (And by the way, Vodafone should be SUED. You get 15 phone calls from their customer care executive for bill payment but when you try to call the idiots, that IRRITATING voice will take you through all digits on your keypad but NOTHING will get you to an executive. AND they take your number, assure you they'll call back and never do. So what if they got the pug back on their ads, their service still sucks big time. Am soon going to swear off that brand for ever.)
Anyway... a proper post tomorrow, it's 2.20 am and I better hit bed.


Never Mind!! said...

Talk about all the crap Raj Kapoor did in the name "Keeping the show going".

No, your blog isnt only about sex. Will think of a more elaborate reply and come back later.

Rahul.. in the city of Dreamz said...

Hi There JB! A regular reader of your blog here.. though i rarely comment.. one lazy bum here..

you wanted feedback and here it goes... No.. your blog is not ALL about sex.. though sex invariably forms a major part of it.. but thats ok.. bcoz not many people out there have the balls to speak their mind about it..

but what draws us ( male readers) to your blog is that through your blog we do get to see an insight to a female's brain about ,among other things, sex. For example, your post on Leh and Laddakh was tempting.. i so much wanna go to that place now...

your blog rocks.. and so do you :)

-Rahul (www.rahulinthecityofdreamz.blogspot.com)

Anonymous said...

in response to your question-
is sex only about sex, ever?
is sex only about getting it in and getting off..no! sex is all about insecurities, fears, pride, orgasms, relationships of million hues and colours, hygeine and diseases, violence and boredom, masturbation, nymphomania, how men are studs and women sluts, power, duty, marriage, dating, rape, culture, religion, babies, virginity, scoring and locker room talk,contraception, an over rated activity, a primal need and i could go on and on and so could you in an even better way...
so if sex only has so many million dimensions, obviously the blog that talks about this that and the other will be intersect with sex many times.
i don't even think yours is the MOST scandalous, shocking blog ever. i personally have not even read any of 'sex' posts for titiliation (and i am a normal person, superficial and profound in parts). there is a sense of participation and thinking required in your posts, so there isn't much vicarious pleasure to be had either...


Shakuntala said...

Hi J,
I read your blog regularly (the reason had mailed you for a bengali translation et al) and definitely do not feel it deals with "SEX", considering any sense of the word, alone.Yes it does talk about your perspectives about various things, including but not limiting to Sex, which I as a reader sometimes identify with and sometimes do not.If I had to give a tag for your blog I would say" Wholesome", because no matter what you have written about, Mishraji or breasts, or the present society with all its myriad facets, you have provided a thought about view that you believe in, which has both perspective as well as logic.
Sorry, for eating up so much space, on your comment section.
Take Care,
Shakuntala(My blog: Read it if you have time: http://the-roads-not-taken.blogspot.com/)

DewdropDream said...

I agree with 'N' one hundred percent. If you're asking whether you're obsessed with talking about sex, or making a hoo-ha about it in a trashy way, then no. That would be the job of a magazine like 'Cosmopolitan'... with all due respect, the magazine tends to go on and on about various positions, the best condoms and what not but it doesn't even get close to discussing the 'other dimensions' of sex as 'N' termed it. Your blog on the other hand... it conforms to what has been proven true about communication. Effective communication stems from three things: What is said, when it is said, and the manner in which it is said.

Oh, totally loving the new colours on your blog, they're easier on the eye :) Good job!

Eve* aka JB said...

Thank you so bloody much, all, for helping maintain the perspective. While I do say that nasty comments don't bother me, they do sort of, make me question what I am doing and why and therefore asked. Really helps to know that there are more of us who think alike. And sincerely -- i dont think I thank enough -- thank you for the CONVERSATIONS I have with you all here... i've sort of stopped seeing your feedback as "comments", it's more about talking, me taking time out to write, you taking time out to read and respond and help me think as well.

Like y' know, I was really negative about arranged marriage, but arguing with Steve and reading Vibhash's comments made me think of it differently and realise that perhaps only criticising India and things Indian is not the way...

You not only help me pen down what I think, you also help me think things through, clearing the cobwebs as Shobhaa wrote...

Thanks a tonne guys.

Nevermind--. thanks, was wondering if you guys would like it!!

Eve* aka JB said...

Rahul --> you got me thinking: Is there anything that men/you would particularly like to know? Or is there something you'd like to tell women? Do share...other than agreeing with me and other chicks on Eve*, it'll be nice to get the male perspective as well.

Everyone --> All things going well, maybe tomorrow I share an important bit of news with you. touch wood, fingers crossed, let's see!

Nirav said...


Its my first time here, so am obviously not qualified to give feedback on the blog... but first impression - I like what I see.. so let me check the rest of it out :-)

I have only read this post... but someone writes here that its a place where men can get an insight into the female brain? I didn't know any such place existed, in the first place ;-)

Let's see.. despite people here saying that the blog is not all about sex (what a disincentive!), if I end up here regularly, you can be assured of getting more than your desired share of male perspective..


maxine said...

Stuck for long,yes.I didnt even know when I started reading you here that this was a "sex blog".Glorified one i guess.That which makes even 'sex' sit n think if he is just sex or something more.Its a nice space where some of us can see a time where Indians would feel comfortable talking/discussing sex without being judgmental etc.A time where women talking about sex would be considered normal by her man or people close to her etc.

Good going Eve.Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Hey JB

I admit of all the issues you would have faced...

And honestly...i did dive in coz of the first impression, but eversince, your blogs have grown addicitve...

You are an excellent story teller and the way you percieve and put things up here are very logical and many times it gets me to sit and think...

I just wish i had the ability to write as brilliant as you, & have the clarity in thoughts like you have...

Have a great time blogging...

Ur simply brilliant...

A guy's perspective

Eve* aka JB said...

Guy's Perspective --> thank you for diving in and having a swim around. As for being 'anonymous'... all those who wish to remain concealed have been requested to 'assume' a name; and many have very sweetly obliged. Be sweet, please oblige! :) See you around more often and getting into the discussions we have here. Lucidity of thought/ expression we can all handle as long as there IS a thought.

Nirav --> bwahaha @ "didnt know such a place existed". Watch it pal, else sumbuddy gonna get hurt real bad. :D Good to see you here, hope to see you oftener.. if you do stick around etc. ta!

Maxine --> thanks for the luck and i DID see that link you posted on the other comment. Sigh. You and Partner the two constant reminders-of-i-have-to-quit-smoking! And i love you both. Er, different kind of love and all.

Maxine said...

That link I thought didnt fully came in here.But yea it does show up in the inbox.Well..u got the message.Thats all it matters.Funny you had to mention 'different kinda love'.Congrats on HT.Sure be reading.Takecare.

Nirav said...

Just to clarify - When I said "I didn't know if such a place existed", I meant a place where one could get an insight into a female brain, and NOT the female brain itself ;-)

Women and guilt conscience, I tell you! And you will see me oftener!