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September 4, 2007

You sure, you ain’t mad?

Is your life a happy life or a sad life?
Do you always think happy thoughts?
Do you know one joke that always makes you laugh?
Or one that always makes others laugh?
Are you always sure you’re looking good?
Do you believe every compliment?
Do you know the reason you follow whatever religion you do?
Do you ‘feel’ a favour someone does for you?
Do you succeed every time you try?
Are you absolutely sure of those who love you?
Do you have one definite thing that relaxes you?
Do you have an outfit that always makes you look good?
Is there one thing you can keep doing and not get bored?
Are you comfortable, asking for money?
Have you ever wanted something another has, really badly?
Are you sure you kiss well?
And do you know when to close your eyes nad when to keep them open?
Can you always find another’s sensitive spots?
Are you always able to ask for what ou want… and how?
Have you ever wanted to hurt a friend?
Are you very sure you can avoid any temptation?
Do you know when you fell in love?
And out of it?
Do you ever get bored,of love?
Have you ever woken up scared and realized you don’t really know if ghosts are real or imaginary?
Are you very sure you will never hit another person?
Have you ever thought what you are doing is completely insane?
Have you ever been scared, wondering, if you are mad?