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October 6, 2009

Got Art?


For a radical exhibition. You send in 1-2 of your nicer works. These guys curate it, print it, publicize it and show it at the only venue of its kind in New Delhi

Pop-Up-Art-House is a realtime, curated global art exhibit completed in 5 days, and showcased at the Arthouse Gallery in New Delhi, India for 2 weeks from Oct 9 2009. For more details download the PDF file.

What you need to do:

1. Tweet it/Digg it/Share it: Share the link for www.popuparthouse.com on your social networks
2. The medium of work can be any visual material, including moving image
3 The showing is NOT COMMERCIAL, so artists need not worry about sales. They will be credited with their artworks and bios etc. All info available here.
4. Share this mail / attachment with your artist friends, creative/professional networks. We are definitely looking at getting in good work and not just random stuff from all over. Anyone whose work you like personally is awesome for us.
5. A personal email /phone call to your selected artist will help a lot!
6. Remember we have only 2-3 days to get everything and then its about curating all that and figuring out the exhibit itself..so HURRY! :-)

Who's organising it?

Quicksand | CoDESIGN | BlindBoys | BLOT


SIM said...

Hey JBo, a big thanks for putting up this link to my next work project :) Hope it gains momentum fast and hard.
How are things at your end?

Eve* aka JB said...

@ SIM: Hello lovely, you're most welcome. Saw it on the homepage, saw you were doing it and realised it's a damn good idea, so put it up. You're doing some bloody good work lady... if you could, keep me posted -- just include in mailing list -- with the food events as well. Stuff's good here, last two weeks of uni and then job hunting. :)

Sue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eve* aka JB said...

@ Sue: ?

Sue said...

Oh, sorry, that comment wasn't for your post. I was at your place and Eve's Lungs reading two posts together and, I see now, commented at the wrong one! Please delete it, total duh moment there. :)