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May 13, 2010

Quick update

Don't have access to the internet yet, shifted home four days back. Sorry about not putting up the Mother's Day post, should be up once I am connected.

Had routine prenatal check recently, baby doing fine, touch wood. Other than that... kind of zapped. Low on Vit D, iron levels dismal. Maybe gestational diabetes. And, cervical cancer scare. Pre-cancerous cells, awaiting results and operation dates. Shocked. Still.

It's not cancer yet. But somehow, just the word is very scary. More details later.


Dee said...


Get well soon. Sending a lot of positive vibes ur way.


simplypallu said...

The test results will turn out fine. Fingers crossed.

Eveline said...

Wow. Hope things are ok, I can't even imagine how much this has caused you to worry.

So ... (((((hugs)))))

Sparkling said...

Hey, don't worry!
The final results will be just fine.