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February 8, 2010


Oh well. I had some stuff I wanted to write about but then this turned out to be a much quicker post. Thanks to Chandni for giving me this award. Big truth: I am very self-conscious about accepting blog awards, especially tags. First self-conscious bit is the award and second would be the answering the tag thing that makes me either avoid acceptance or procrastinate the writing!

I think I'm honest most of the times, and more than honest at most other times. *evil grin* So according to "rules", here are 10 more honest things...though how relevant to anyone/anything, I take no responsibility for!!

1. I cannot understand when people (on Facebook) tag me on notes when they haven't said hello for ages. I always remove the tag.

2. Sometimes I think I'm too low maintenance. :/ Like my comfort food is khichuri (for crying out loud) and most animation movies make me really happy.

3. I am never happy with the bras I buy. Never. And now that I officially have udders, it's getting even tougher.

4. Though I have a baby bump, I have to confess that my doctor said, ''A lot of your bump is in fact belly,'' which kind of had me a bit glum. :/ But then rather a doc who's easy to talk to then overly bloody maternal.

5. I am scared of driving cars and can't believe I am being forced to er, learn. However, before you laugh, I have no fears about hopping on a motorcycle and riding around. Parents and Partner have forbidden it.
(And I thought I'd get to make my own decisions once I was 30)

6. I secretly (well not anymore) fear that someday I will stop being attractive for Partner. (However if any woman EVER thinks of using my sometimes low self-confidence as a weakness and tries any moves-shoves on my territory, oh boy, she better be bloody prepared for my real nastiness. Evil laugh)

7. Yet I find it very tough to use the above as enough motivation to really exercise. I mean what's the point if affection is only physical eh? Bring on the chocolates.

8. I am always a bit apprehensive discussing what's bothering me with people -- even really close ones -- because I can't stand the expectation that I am expected to follow their advice!
(I mean it's fair though, I make them listen for hours and then get pissed off when they give me all-knowing advice.)

9. I am very jealous of women who can sing (they always behave like divas) and women who say they "play a lot of sport". I can do neither...though I am darned good at some video games. I demand video games be declared sport.
(Er, if you sing or play sport, it totally does not mean you, thik-hai?)

10. I SUCK at shooting games/war games, especially on the Xbox. I always get my head blown up in 2 seconds (usually Partner) and completely hate it. I am VERY competitive in video games... I also insist that all double/multiplayer video games should ALWAYS have a default female character. WHY should I play Modern Warcraft 2 when I always have to be a man?

I pass this on to:
Silvara (who is very honest about (failure) with weight loss attempts)
Goofy Mumma (who writes so sweetly about shifting to a new country)
Pirate of the Arabian (who writes one bloody post a year, should bloody well be writing more)
DewDropDream (who I have not seen in aaaaaages)
Sree (who is so honest...it hurts. And I wish it would stop hurting)


Sree said...

not driving,can ride bike, jealous of singing/sports, cant exercise,bras,animation :/ all tht been said a million times before.

with the more clicks i see today,i just updated my blog with some 'okay' kind of reading :D
Not a good time to be honest.but will do will do.
:( what hurt vert?hmm.

MRC said...

Don't like driving a car(read not allowed to because I havnt gotten around to getting the license )and cant sing either.

And dare I ask the owner of the belly (baby bump:) how many weeks/months to go?

Other than that, Khichuri ??? Really????

Passionate Goof said...

I love riding two wheelers, though I can only manage ones without gears, and I have a mortifying fear of driving myself!!

You have linked to the place where I have done this tag, but may just do it again, since I have been tagged twice, and these ones are fun!! :)

Eve* aka JB said...

@ MRC: Still a fairly long wait. And yeah, khichuri. :D

@ Goofy: Ah, sorry, you did change your blog url...

@ Sree: already answered! As for all said million times before, honesty even when repeated is still honest. haha. :D The tag did not say "new" honest things...

Passionate Goof said...

You have linked to my current blog, and also the particular post where I have done this tag... go see. ;)

sulagna ™ said...

same here man..i so suck at driving, explains why i am still on a two wheeler...liked your post..was smiling most of the time :)

chandni said...

awesome! thank you for taking it up :)

DewdropDream said...

JB!!! That's an honour indeed, coming from you :) Thank you!!

How're you keeping?

Eveline said...

I'm scared of driving too. Used to be and still am a huge sucker for bikes. Owned a Yamaha back in college and I love it to death. Awesomely roomy and good for road trips and gets impressive mileage on long clear roads!

I get jealous when my good friend who's also a pianist plays for people with terrific voices. I have an okay voice. Probably not one suitable for singing a strong solo in front of hundreds of people - and certainly not suitable with my nerves. To this day, the song Bette Midler's "The Rose" makes me cringe.

Sree said...

tag done.meine kiya.

the mad momma said...

darling, every bump is more weight than baby. not yours alone. so cheer up :)

ku2 said...

Pts. 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 describes me so well!! Hi, stumbled into your blog by accident and I decided I like you! And yeah, I hate over-friendly cheery types too

Anonymous said...