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February 20, 2009

Introducing: JB goes cooking!

I'd announced on Facebook that a food blog was in the offing. Well, here it is! Hope those of you who read here, will read the stories there. Those who like to cook are most welcome to use the recipes and share their own. Here's to pet-bharke-khana.

So, What's Cooking?
"I guess offering to feed people by hand will startle most -- especially here in Australia, they'd insist on gloves -- so I stick to pouring my heart out in my food. Most people who've had my food have liked it. I am grateful to my friends who came home because "Jhoomur is cooking." In my single days, I fed bands of boys. (smiles) They kept me sane."
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Sree said...

Nice photos.
Heres to the food blog. :)

Sephi said...

good luck with this one. i look forward to reading more