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September 4, 2008

So your boss is a bastard?

The Hindustan Times, published 4 September, 2008
Dislike, that six-lettered word

There are things we all
get peeved about, like
the bad boss and those
'unromantic men'. No
wonder there are
more blogs about them
than on things we like

There are some things in life that cause instant strife between people. Mention god, pornography or George Bush's IQ level at a party and you are guaranteed hours of entertainment. Thankfully though, there also some things that unite human beings.
No matter where you go, some things are common to all people. Like everyone remembers money that is owed to them. Or how anyone, before petting a dog they don't know will ask, "Does it bite?" Or how most people want to stay fit (or lose weight) without exercising. And no matter what the language, there are more blogs on broken relationships than happy ones.
As Paisana writes on Burlap Condoms, "If nothing else, a bad date always equals a great blog post." Paisana is one of the many female bloggers caught in the twilight zone of personal blogging: When singledom made interesting posts and a happy relationship doesn't leave much to blog (or bitch) about. However, she comes up with some gems (and truths) from her former single life. Like her don't-be-too-choosy advice for single women, "the guy you're looking for doesn't read romantic poetry and want to talk about your feelings all the time. I dated that guy. He was gay." Ouch.
After broken relationships, office gossip comes a close second as a common-unifying factor in the blogosphere. Everyone has hated their boss at some in their life and everyone has a funny office story to narrate. If you feel you're the only one working with mad people or not getting paid on time, Overheard in the Office is a good site to check out and feel better.
Some things are the same in offices the world over. Like having trained bullshit artistes for top management. Like this reader contribution about a meeting presided by the company owner trying to allay fears, "We are not a sinking ship! This company is worth $700,000. It's hard to sink a $700,000 ship!" That was before laying off half the company perhaps. Or for that matter the fact that personal assistants are globally stereotyped. If she's old, she has a grumpy husband (or none) and if she's pretty, she's sleeping with the boss.
Then there's Tits (yes, Tits) McGee who publishes Tits List and says she writes lists, cooks and "used to be a slut". She also proves that using 'tits', putting up a picture of breasts and writing f**k in the headline has the same reaction in most people: Curiosity. Amongst other things (read husband and inlaws), Tits gives her take on political news of the day. Oh to have a pair of breasts talking politics.


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Kartikey said...

But very short. Doesn't complete anything.

maxine said...

"Does it bite"?...I would mostly ask or atleast say in my mind,"is that a dog".god..these dog lovers.well...dogs are okay,but cats!Did i read 16 somewhere before!

plucky lampooner,i went and read ur blog.damn.just some lines here n there.well..enough to glimpse ur mind and full of crap it is which u have decided to spread to other's blogs as well.too bad.but,well...enjoy.okay.

humanobserver said...

“A good boss makes his men realize they have more ability than they think they have so that they consistently do better work than they thought they could”-Charles Erwin Wilson..

Is any one listening..?

Silvara said...

Darl you have been awarded - come and collect :)

Comfortably Numb said...

Boss....Hmmm the first thing that comes to my mind is...Accomplishing the impossible means only that the boss will add it to your daily work/routine.

Ohh and if you couldn't make out...then yea apparently all bosses are bastards :P


apathetic bliss said...

Isn't that what starts a lot of us blogging? our personal struggles, our truths we feel comfortaable to discuss anonymously....Blogging to me is an outlet and a chance to admit and discuss my truths that I may not feel like exposing in my "real" world. It is reassuring to read and be read by others all over the world who can relate or understand my thoughts, struggles, insecurities, and personal views.