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July 31, 2008

Do you want to touch my monkey?

How many of you think/ agree with the idea that watching pornography together can be good for a couple? A growing number of relationship experts and counsellors suggest that if a couple are having trouble with sex (with each other!) or their relationship is getting lacklustre or they are bored of the same-old-thing vis-a-vis sex, watching pornography will a) bring them closer b) spice-up their sex lives and c) give their relationship a new life. Agree, disagree or think that's crap? I have some ideas/opinions on that but I really want to know what you think. If you know other people who might have a say on the issue or think/feel strongly about it, please pass on this question/link.

(published in) The Hindustan Times, 31 July, 2008
Posing poses, hiking haikus

While 'social porn'
is the latest fad, there

is a whole world
out there that swears
by the madness
-- and pithiness --
of onlike haikus

What do you think of the phrase 'social porn'? To give you a hint, it's one of the latest (well, a year-old) cyber development that has many up in arms. It is user-generated pornography – as against shot-in-the-studio porn – and is slowly, steadily becoming the next best thing after social networking. Why network based on hobbies when you can network based on your fishnet fetish?
Social porn is also the only development that has both feminist groups and the adult film industry people agreeing with each other: Both consider it bad news. If the feminists feel that 'social porn' will further encourage the portrayal of women as commodities (even if the women are happy posing for different angles?), the adult film industry is concerned that the commoditisation will not yield any moolah for them. For their respective reasons, both groups don't want 'social porn' to catch on. Fat chance given it's free and does not need downloads.
Other than social porn (sorry, family newspapers do not encourage porn-pandering so no links!) there's much else that's free on the Internet, particularly in the blogosphere. There is free advice on house-keeping. Or free music reviews, if you aren't already up to your ears with everyone and their grandpa dishing out what they think you should be listening to. Some people do it with style though. "It's not easy being a pretentious, posturing, egocentric, and elitist music snob. In part because there is so goddamn much popular music that it is hard to keep up," says Jason on Hipster Dork even as he takes a punch at Arctic Monkeys – and for those indie-lovers who gasped – at indie lovers.
If Jason's love for phrases like 'pleonastic pablum' put you off and if you are one of Those who insist blogging should have some meaning, some higher purpose, some greater good (etc, yawn, etc), check out Mad Haiku for a hard kick in the gut (or wherever else gives you the kicks). From a take on world peace, Pres Bush to erectile dysfunction, Mad Haiku has some, well, mad haiku on everything. It's best read under the influence of mind altering drugs, but of course you need a doctor's prescription for those. While the haiku's aren't recommended for sending to your girlfriend (unless she has a good sense of humour), you should try those on your boss (they never have a funny bone). Like the one on what the man in the moon really thinks: Full moon in the sky/ Beckons hauntingly/ Earth girls are easy!


On the way.... said...

Surely yes.. the key to every realationship is communication in any form. Watching porn together provides a medium to know each other well(first through ideas and then in practice!!)..

Nirav said...

Hey, hope the Aussies are treating you well!

On the topic, well, if the couple are having problems and if nothing else has worked, then why not - definitely worth a try.

Otherwise, I'm not too sure - it again depends on the tastes and comforts of the 2 individuals. Personally, I wouldn't do it, but then, I'm kinda conventional in these things :-)

Never Mind!! said...

No porn for me with the partner.If anything it makes him guilty that he is not 11" and doesnt last an hour and makes me guilty for not being able to flex muscles into all those weird positions and not moaning through the entire session.

Never Mind!! said...

After reading the rest of your post,maybe i wont mind social porn from real people like me.

Eve* aka JB said...

On the way --> but do the couples then get caught up watching the porn or getting to know each other? and then when they are 'practicing', are they practicing with each other or fantasising about someone else?

Nirav --> Aussie's being good to me and a whole lot of other nationalities too.

When nothing else has worked, how is watching two other people -- professionals who have sex in a controlled environment -- add anything to the existing troubled relationship?

Conservative? you mean you like it old style? :D

Nevermind --> would you be comfortable shooting yourself making love on video? As for flexing muscles... that's their kra love.

humanobserver said...

I don't think watching a porno will make a big difference rather I will suggest to have lengthy and meaningful talks on sex…However, it all depends upon the individual's choice…

Saad Akhtar said...

@nevermind: That's a thought provoking (and funny) reason.

I run a webcomic and I think I'll do one panel on this :)

Saad Akhtar said...

Oops! Messed up the link in the above comment. It's Fly, You Fools!