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December 12, 2006

Allergic to nostalgia

(an older post, thoughts pretty much same, more refined and rabid perhaps, but couldn't be bothered to type them out... yet...going slow...should be back in full swing soon....)

Nostalgia: An allergy to memories (with/of someone) that causes people to have nervous reactions (ranging from serially going through old photographs, reading old SMS-es and crying and breaking things too).

Positive thinking: When you are positive that something bad is going to happen — and it does — and it’s much better thought out than you had imagined, which basically means its worse for you.

Thought For the Day: Never love someone who becomes a priority for you when you’re just a choice for them.

Somehow that very sensible quote is in direct violation of the Law Of True Love. The LOTL states: You shall love unconditionally, when the biggest condition is YOUR having no condition(s). You will love but not expect — any of the following, either individually, or as a package deal — love, affection, physical intimacy including accidental thigh rubs, even a casual, polite glance, appreciation, respect, acknowledgement of your presence in any way — and anything thereof that the author has forgotten and that the recipient of YOUR Unconditional Love can deem fit to include.

Somehow the definition of UL of the LOTL also sounds like, “Step on me! Step on me!” to me. (Has visions of self in maroon, spaghetti-strapped negligee, with a deep V-neck, hopping with a placard reading, Step On Me, held above my head and looking a grotesque version of Baywatch-meets-Scream.

How you get through your U.L. ordeal depends on the Recipient too. If you love a somewhat-kinder soul, you might get away with a feeling of someone who ‘understood’ you and so what if s/he couldn’t love me? Or you might even get your affection reciprocated. Delight of delights!! That purely euphoric thought apart, I have a sniggling suspicion, when you are supposed to/ meant to/ destined to/ manage to get your unconditional love reciprocated — you don’t get into definitions.

It’s only when it’s close to THE END that someone, somewhere reminds you, “But darling, The Law Of True Love says…”
And you’re left to figure, to be or not to be…doormat.
PS: Cynicism is not congenital. Author welcomes jibes, thoughts and opinions contrary to hers.


Lucky said...


you're getting too serious and too addicted to thinking dreaming writing talking about Lurve. Immediately watch the following movies to get your balance back:

1. Boa vs. Python
2. Cobra vs. Anaconda
3. Alien vs. Predator

jerry said...

Love, what's that? Let's poke needles into it, what bullshit it is! I'm so bored without it, when it happens I feel I get the flu!

clit.chatting said...

Lucky, please dont read if its too serious for you. Our age difference and therefore our priorities differ. :) Quite enjoying my skewed view, you're most welcome to seek balanced views elsewhere. And have seen AVP twice. :D

Lucky said...


That's what I like about you, CC. You can't see a belt without wanting to hit below it!

Ha. An AVP aficionado. Must say I preferred BVP myself. Although, as Dr Gore wrote, it would have been even better if the snake had been allowed to lick the girl's nipple.

clit.chatting said...

or snake its way through/into other orifices, eh? I KNEW you would prefer slimy snakes to saliva-dripping aliens. :) More chances of seeing a fuckin snake (literally) in porn than aliens.

Lucky said...

Given the size of the snake, I would not have wished it even on those women (do they really exist??) who prefer the well-endowed.

Nah, I think I'm OK snake-wise with a quick lick.

Oh, and by the way, do snakes fuck? I mean, of course they reproduce, but do they have orgasms and all, d'you think?

clit.chatting said...

must be the hissin kind, eh? i know lizards have orgasms. and dogs. its on their faces man....

Lucky said...

why aren't you out for lunch??

Cikgu Shida said...

Nice Post :)