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February 17, 2019

Full circle

This  could also be called powered by tequila. Yeahite a Sunday night - tomorrow is back to school - and I’m five shots of tequila down. 
I think at least in alcohol I’ve found my thing. My poison. My salvation? Lol. 
Hahahahaha ho knew I’d be coming back here hey?! I need to figure out how to make this anonymous instead of linking back to my very public profile. But I can’t right now. Physically incapable. Mentally incapacitated. 

So I started writing this blog in 2006. Holy fucking shit. That’s ok 13 years. Longer than any sustainable relationship I’ve ever had lol 

Long story short.. I am depleted. Like an elite mine. Elite mine = check out mobile game war and order. It was supposed to be my escape from reality but except I made it too real. 

I know I’m talking in riddles. Fuck me though, it’s my blog, I can write wtf I want hey 

What do you call a woman nearly-40 and still seeking herelsrf? Loser, is one. “Shitty person” is another. I was called that by this person who’s never met me ... but FUCK. I’ve lost the point of why I logged into type shit in the first place 
Gonna stop now 


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